Fire Balloon Festival in Burma appears to have problems (with bonus firework FAIL video)

(CBS News) I'm not sure if it was planned this way or not, but it doesn't look like things went very well during the Fire Balloon Festival in Burma if the above video is any indication. Go ahead and watch for yourself and decide. Things appear to get out of control at about 1:25.

Okay, so does it look like the crowd is at risk from the fireworks flying everywhere or am I being overly cautious? The crazy clip was posted by YouTube user KMijlofPhotography who writes:

The fire balloon festival in Myanmar 2012 - Fire Balloon Explodes in the crowd.

And the moment is reminiscent of another problematic fireworks incident from back in 2011 posted by YouTube user billstmaxx that I'm including below. Both of these cases definitely seem to have the word FAIL written all over them, in this blogger's humble opinion. But, as always, feel free to leave me some comment love below with your own thoughts or firework experiences below.