Finding 'Mr. Right'

Finding a good man may be difficult, but advice columnist E. Jean Carroll believes any woman can find the man of her dreams in just six weeks if they follow the advice in her book, "Mr. Right, Right Now!"

The Early Show is wrapping up its "Mr. Right, Right Now!" series, in which volunteers Lirone and Tracy were enlisted to put Carroll's theory to the test.

Their last assignment was for the women to narrow the field to two men and get to know their dates in a more intimate setting.

And all the dating and assignments have paid off. Tracy says she has found a Mr. Right in Adam. They started dating the second week in January.
She says, "The one thing that I learned is that it's fine to be assertive and let a guy know you like him in the very beginning. Approaching men is OK. You have nothing to lose."

So she is saying goodbye to her shyness. "Who knows how many Mr. Rights got away from me because I didn't let them know I was interested?"

Adam surprised Tracy at Grand Central when she was learning how to approach men in week 3. Now that they have spent time together, Tracy says, "We have a lot of common. We're both artsy, a little offbeat. I think that's what we have in common. In the beginning, I said I want to meet a rock star with a noble heart. He is musical. We'll see about the noble heart."

The couple is dating exclusively and will be running away to the Caribbean. "We just booked it. We're going to Jamaica next week," Tracy says.

As for Lirone, she says Eric could be her Mr. Right. She met Eric by chance. Carroll actually invited Eric to Tracy's game night in week 4. Perhaps it was fate.

Lirone says, "I think in the past, I haven't been as open-minded to meet different types of men. I think you have to be open to meeting all types of people and not just your type. Sometimes, people you don't think are your types actually are when you get to know them. "

Carroll told Lirone about the participants at Tracy's party, and became very interested when the description of Eric came up. Once Lirone expressed interest, Eric agreed to come to her game night as well. That is where they hit it off. They have been consistently dating for the last two weeks.

Lirone says, "I think I've got to the point in my life now where I think looking for somebody a little different from me used to be the attraction. I'm finding, I really like who I am. I think when I'm with someone more like me I'm more attracted to them. We're a lot alike, looking for the same things. Our personalities are very similar."

As a little send-off gift The Early Show arranged dinner for the couples at Bobby Flay's restaurants. Tracy and Adam will go to Mesa Grill and Lirone and Eric to Bolo. And to top it off, bachelor Dave Price gave both ladies a dozen roses.

Carroll believes her advice worked because these women listened and surrounded themselves with many, many men. They had to meet at least one they would click with.

She says, "This has been tested for ten years, but we have never taken two high-powered independent, picky, picky women and put it to work and it worked."

Once you find Mr. Right, she says there are still three things to keep in mind in the duration of the relationship:

Beware Of The First Month Anniversary
Says Carroll: "Even though most women can contain themselves the first few weeks when they meet their guys...according to my research, about four weeks into the romance, many women start worrying and fretting and thinking about what HE wants, HE wants, HE wants. Their vision goes foggy. Their brain takes on huge rolls of Man Fat. They start worrying about getting the engagement ring. I promise you: The woman who is desperate to get an engagement ring is exactly the woman who's undermining her chances of getting a ring."

Don't Ask Your Man Where You Stand
Says Carroll: "If you really want to scare a man off, ask him once a week where you stand as a couple. Or worse: 'Where is this relationship going?' Why? Because if you ask a chap where your relationship is going, it will stop it from going anywhere. First, because it will make you look desperate, and second, because you're forcing him to put something indescribably delicious into words. He will be compelled to think about it, and thinking about it will actually lessen the heat. The key is to enjoy exactly where you are right now. You are in paradise."

Let Him Miss You
Says Carroll: "You don't have to see him every single night, every second of every weekend, and you certainly don't need to call him five times a day."

The following is a refresher of the weekly goals.

Week One: Get the right mindset.
Week Two: Enhance natural assets.
Week Three: Get rid of fears.
Week Four: Learn to torture the fellows.
Week Five: Learn how not to intimidate the poor blokes.
Week Six: Land Mr. Right.