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"Find my iPhone" app helps land alleged burglar behind bars

DENVER - A Denver woman says an app on her iPad helped her find her stolen iPhone quickly, and it led police to arrest one of the people they believe is responsible for the theft, reports CBS Denver.

Sarah Fisher told the station thieves broke into her home while she was there with her son and her boyfriend.

"They were probably only in the house for a few moments, but the fact they were in the house is very frightening," Fisher's boyfriend, Tom Kearns, said.

The thieves reportedly stole Fisher's laptop and her purse, which had her keys and her phone inside. They also took her car, according to the station.

After realizing she had been robbed, Fisher got her "Find my iPhone app" going on the iPad. The GPS tracker found the phone signal a block away, so she drove there, found a man and woman asleep in a car and called police.

When officers arrived, Fisher said, the pair in the car fled the scene.

Police caught up with the female passenger, identified by authorities as 38-year-old Stephanie Zawilla, as she was walking a few blocks away. The alleged accomplice was still on the run as of Thursday afternoon.

Kearns said the incident taught him and Fisher two things; keep everything locked and always download that "Find my iPhone" app.

"I just feel like we learned a really important lesson and dodged a bullet," Fisher added.

Denver police told the station they appreciate the hi-tech help, and that Zawilla's arrest may have solved some other crimes.

"Burglars tend to be a pattern type of criminal. So if you get one burglar off the street, you've solved multiple crimes," police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

The station reports a search of arrest records does indeed show Zawilla has a long rap sheet.

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