Find calm emulating this spinning Hawaiian monk seal

(CBS News) I'm a big believer that one of the absolute best ways to find calm during the day is to emulate the "spinning Hawaiian monk seal". Wait, are you saying you've never heard of this meditative form? Then I suggest you take a moment to watch and learn above.

That is one seriously relaxed seal there! The rather odd, but also very peaceful, animal antics clip was posted by Vimeo user Brian V who writes about the moment:

Recorded at Waikiki Aquarium. This seal just started spinning around and around. For how long, I don't know since I left but for sure, it [didn't] stop at the end of this video!
So learn from the example that this seal sets, and try to find your own spinning-in-a-pool-of-water activity to help you become serene like him. (Or don't, I don't really know.) And thanks so much for sharing this moment with us at The Feed and the animal-loving Internet, Brian!