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Filming in the Delivery Room a Right or Privilege?

It's impossible to have a natural birth when you're on your back and tied up with IVs and monitors. Lying down is the wrong thing to do. My secret to making it through labor was walking. I walked until I didn't think I could walk anymore, and then I walked some more. I kept going until I felt the baby starting to come out. I didn't want to deliver in the hallway, so I got into bed and pushed. Dr. Hana R. Solomon, mother of four and a pediatrician in Columbia, Mo. Leah-Anne Thompson

NEW YORK (CBS) The moment of birth. For many, it's a moment to capture and keep and revisit. For others, according to an article in the New York Times, it's evidence.

If something goes wrong in the delivery room, moms and dads are reportedly using the footage of what was supposed to have been one of the best moments in their lives as support in a malpractice suit.

The Times reports that's what happened in 2007 when a baby born at the University of Illinois Hospital had shoulder complications and permanent injury. The delivery room video, taken by the father, showed the nurse-midwife using excessive force. The footage led to a $2.3 million settlement.

But should video be permitted in the delivery room? Hospitals cited in the Times story say filming should be restricted because it's a safety and privacy issue for their staff. But a mom featured in the article says it's a parent's right to film their own child in a moment that can never be duplicated. What do you think? Let us know in the poll below.