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Does this sound familiar? A friend recommends a critically acclaimed film that either didn't make it to your local cineplex, or didn't hang around long enough for you to take it in.

So you rent the tape, only to find that you love the movie, but you wish you could have caught it on the big screen. Well, you're not alone: Most film-lovers have this problem more than often than they'd like.

One increasingly popular solution, besides keeping up on the films passing through your nearest 'art-house,' is to attend one of the many film festivals the U.S. has to offer, either as a local attraction, or if the spirit moves you, a vacation destination. reviews a sampling of film festivals around the nation, and offers a search tool to help find a festival near you.

It's a Natural Time For a Sundance - drops in on Robert Redford's brainchild, the Sundance Film Festival.
Rocky Mountain High - It's expensive, and hard to get to. But film-fans make a yearly pilgrimage to this Colorado mecca. Meet the cinephile's best-kept secret, the Telluride Film Festival
Child's Play - Is your kid a would-be auteur? Or are you just trying to figure out how to make them watch less TV? These contests let kids make and submit their own movies for cash prizes. You may never see your mini-cam again.
You Ought To Be In Pictures - Fancy yourself an armchair director? Now you can enter your film in this Canadian contest for the professional amateur.
Find a Film Festival - Nothing nearby? This search tool is packed with film festivals which may have escaped your notice. Enter your city, and see what you're missing.

It's a Natural Time For a Sundance | Rocky Mountain High | Child's Play | You Ought To Be In Pictures Find a Film Festival

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