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Filipino 'Dancing Inmates' Honor Jackson

Michael Jackson on Mar. 17, 2005. AP Photo/Michael A. Mariant

NEW YORK (CBS) Filipino prison inmates got their groove on in honor of Michael Jackson's one year memorial.

The inmates in Cebu City, Phillipines, were decked out in matching dance outfits and performed like nobody's business. Their silky threads and on-point dance moves thrilled the intimate audience that was there for their performance.

"Thriller" was of course, performed as a group along with "Black And White" by Jackson.

Cameras flashed as a solo dancer decked out in a silver sequined jacket gave it his all with the iconic moonwalk to "Smooth Criminal." More cheers came from the audience during the finale when the group came out in matching orange jumpsuits and marching band shoulder decorations.

Among the audience members was long time Michael Jackson fan, Elise Lomboy who said, "You can totally tell that he just made an impact on so many people. And I'm one of them, that's one of the reasons I found them (the Filipino dancers) on YouTube, they're fantastic! it just proves he (Jackson) is such an amazing musician and he put the music in all these people, so it's great."

The dancers finished out the performance by paying a special tribute to Michael Jackson, and applauded a floor-to-ceiling poster of the King of Pop.

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