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Fighting Gravity Team, Andy Kaufman-Like Comedian Woo Judges on "America's Got Talent"

Prince Poppycock performs on Americas Got Talent stage in New York. (NBC) NBC

NEW YORK (CBS) The talent showdown "America's Got Talent" was in a New York State of mind Tuesday night as it headed to the Big Apple, where more hopefuls faced off for a shot at Las Vegas.

Things lit up when the lights went out. A glow-in-the-dark team named "Fighting Gravity" dazzled the stage with a Blue Man Group-inspired performance.

Once the lights come on, audience members see they are surrounded by "invisible" men wearing black suits. Piers found it clever; Howie called its uniqueness "exciting" ; Sharon thought their timing was spot-on, deeming them "current" and "edgy."

The quirkiness ensued with a 32-year-old white-wig-wearing store clerk named Prince Poppycock. The Virginia-raised performer dressed as a French prince and got New York on its feet with a hilarious, yet soaring operatic performance from "The Barber of Seville." Though his routine took cues from aristocratic Europe, glitzy Vegas was the judges cry.

The surprises in Gotham didn't stop there. A comedic Andy Kaufman-inspired inewcomer named Doogie Horner at first seemed to be dud with his comedy shtick; the audience immediately jeered his one-liners. Horner, however, turned the boos around and made it funny. He won over the crowd. "Celebrity judges, I swear I came here with jokes to tell," he says. "I don't know if you've heard any of them!" Howie, a comedian himself, knows comedy is a tough-sell, but thinks he "sounds and looks funny"; Sharon feels he "held his own"; Piers doesn't buy it and slaps an 'X' on the jokester, ruling he wasn't funny.

Other Vegas winners included vaudevillian burlesque outfit "Peek-A-Boo Revue"; the amazing Jia-Yi He, who plays four harmonicas at once; and the walking-through-knives stunt team Danger Committee.

"America's Got Talent" will continue next Tuesday on NBC.