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"Fight Club" for Mentally Disabled Brings Conviction; Guadalupe Delarosa Caught on Tape, Prison Next

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (CSB/AP) An employee of a Texas home for the disabled who staged fights between the residents for "entertainment" is going to prison.

Twenty-two-year-old Guadalupe Delarosa, Jr. pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of injury to the disabled and was sentenced to four years behind bars. Police have referred to the abuse scandal as a "fight club," where the employees instigated fighting between residents. The employees used direct commands as well as pranks to encourage the residents to turn on each other.

Delarosa and five others were charged after videos of staged fights at the Texas-run Corpus Christi State School were found on a staff member's cell phone last year. Delarosa was seen in three videos shown in court Tuesday.