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Ferguson waits anxiously for grand jury's decision

Anxiety grows in Ferguson as grand jury decision nears 01:30

FERGUSON, Mo. - For the 100th consecutive day, activists took to the streets in the St. Louis area.

Demonstrators braved freezing temperatures to march and protest police violence. The group wants a grand jury to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the August shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

In the nearby town of Berkeley, businesses are boarding up windows, bracing for the grand jury's decision. People in the area aren't sure when the panel will make a decision or what the rection will be from protesters, but business owners say they're not taking any chances.

Chris Burcea, a business owner says he still worries something could happen. "For safe side, you know?" Maybe it happens, maybe it don't. I don't know."

Demonstrators, anticipating a grand jury decision, have stood in the cold to protest the shooting death of Michael Brown. CBS News

A stretch of West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson is just a few blocks from where Michael Brown was killed, and is expected to be a major protest location when the grand jury decision comes out -- and almost every business here is boarded up.

Despite the light snowfall, Phil Gassoway kept protesting in front of the Ferguson Police Department. He says he's not worried about protesters reacting to the grand jury decision, but is nervous about how police will respond to the expected crowds.

"Well, I want the police to leave us alone," he said. "Let us protest peacefully like we have been protesting peacefully and stop engaging up on us, and make us react to their actions."

The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri is also calling for restraint by law enforcement. It sent a letter to Missouri's governor and other elected leaders, along with the state highway patrol imploring them to protect demonstrators' rights to "protest in public without interference."

The grand jury decision is expected any day.

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