Female soccer star trying out for LSU football

Mo Isom - LSU soccer
Mo Isom - LSU soccer
Mo Isom

(CBS) - After being blanked by Alabama in the BCS title game, it's not surprising that LSU might look for a change. But change could be coming from an unlikely place. Mo Isom, goalkeeper for the LSU women's soccer team, will attend the first day of the Tigers' spring camp today to try out as the team's new placekicker. Isom would become the first female college football player in SEC and just the second in FBS history.

The fifth-year senior, affectionately known as "Meaux" around campus, exhausted her soccer eligibility and has reportedly been planning the tryout since early 2011. In an interview with LSU blog "And the Valley Shook" in November, Isom said, "I had [trying out] in my mind, and I approached some of the players I know, and they were so enthusiastic. And then I talked to some of the coaching staff, because of course I wanted to be in their good graces."

"I was expecting to see some resistance but all the doors were open to me, and everybody has been so excited, which is so great," she said.

On her Facebook page, Isom thanked supporters before starting tryouts. "Absolutely overwhelmed and humbled by all of the amazing support that has been pouring in surrounding tryouts. There is so much power in prayer, so please know that I truly appreciate every single one of you! Today is the first of a 3-day tryout, so I would appreciate continued prayer through this week."

Isom told ATVS that she was able to make a 51-yard field goal in practice. She also seems to have good chemistry with current LSU Tigers, judging from this "Meaux Vs" clip where she challenges current LSU punter Brad Wing to a series of kicking-related competitions.

It may not be easy earning a spot on the roster. Senior Drew Alleman will return as the Tiger starting kicker. Alleman went 16-for-18 on field goals in 2011.

Just making it on the team would be a historic achievement. The SEC has never had a female football player, and the only other woman ever to play in FBC ball is former Colorado and New Mexico kicker Katie Hnida.

"It would just be a fantastic way to spend my last year as a Tiger," Isom told ATVS. "And I love the guys on the team. I just think it would be a really special experience."