Female cop's skimpy attire, gunfire online, earn leave from Dallas PD

Dallas police Lt. Regina Smith, in image from video posted on her website via CBS DFW
(CBS) DALLAS - A Dallas police officer's widow, who is a member of the force herself, is on administrative leave after she posted video online in which she's seen dressed provocatively and firing her gun.

Sources told CBS DFW that Lt. Regina Smith was ordered to stay  home during normal working hours while the Dallas Police Department conducts an internal investigation.

The video appears on Smith's website,, which promotes her own private record label.

It's named after her late husband, Dallas police Senior Corporal Norman Smith, who often went by the nickname 'Big Russian.' He was shot and killed in January 2009, while attempting to serve an arrest warrant at an apartment complex, CBS DFW reported.

His widow, seen then grieving at his gravesite, now appears in a much different light.

Flashing her gun in the video, Smith says, "I got Ms. Lucy right here. Ms. Lucy ain't loaded."

She then goes on to show off her shooting skills, pulling the trigger while balancing a quarter on top of the barrel.

On the website, Smith poses in short skirts, tight dresses, and a colorful wig.

She doesn't hide the fact that she's a police officer, often referencing her police work and even posting pictures of her and her husband in uniform.

"My life has been in a state of deep remorse and grief over losing him," she says.

She also openly criticizes the department for its treatment of her.

"I have been alone in my struggle, as far as support from the department," she says.

The department is reviewing the website and its content for any policy violations.

CBS DFW says its code of conduct limits how and when an officer can carry a gun, and prohibits conduct that would lower the public's respect for the officer or the department.

Smith said her music business is a tribute to her husband and that she has first amendment rights. She claimed her actions had been misconstrued by the media and the department.