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FeedForward: an inebriated interview with "My Drunk Kitchen" creator Hannah Hart

(CBS) - Internet celebrities are just like you and me. Except for the thousands (and thousands) of strangers who watch them online. But what makes an Internet celebrity tick? Let's find out on our new show FeedForward!

Meet Hannah Hart, creator of the web series "My Drunk Kitchen". Hannah has a talent for cooking under the influence. (Does that count as a talent?) So I met up with Hannah for some light cooking and heavy drinking to find out more about the woman behind the drunk. It went about how you'd expect an evening of Rice Krispies and gin to turn out.


24-year-old Hannah Hart hails from San Francisco and recently moved to New York City to pursue a career in comedy. I think. It got a little hazy around the time I started using the mixing spoon as a microphone. What I do know is that she has been creating "My Drunk Kitchen" episodes since March of this year, because I've watched them all. Because they are hilarious.

What started as something goofy to send to a friend across the country has turned into a series of videos with views in the six-digits. (The Brunch episode leads the pack with over 900,000 views.)

What's the future for the lovely and talented comedienne? I'm not sure. Probably not a cooking show. Those Rice Krispie treats were a little "meh." But a comedy show? Yes, please!

As the drunk chef herself would ask at the end of a video, what have we learned today? First, never be ashamed of who you are. Second, making a web show can be a headache. (Hangover humor!)

Check out Hannah's website HERE for all your "My Drunk Kitchen" cravings, as well as her Twitter and YouTube channel.

And in case I ever end up becoming an Internet celebrity someday (fingers crossed!), credit for this premiere should go out to FeedForward partner and co-producer Will Goodman, and videographer/editor extraordinaire Felipe Maya.

And be sure to stay tuned here at The Feed for the best viral content on the web and more episodes of FeedForward!

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