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Feed Your Family on $10 a Day!

Families everywhere are stretching their food dollars, so how would you like to be able to feed the whole crew for $10 a day?

Cooking Light magazine contributor and registered dietitian Katherine Brooking joined "The Early Show Saturday Edition" 's "Bargainista," co-anchor Erica Hill, with recipes for four meals that can feed a family of four, for less than $10.

"Early Show" recipes galore!

Cooking Light's credo is that food "can and should be delicious, nutritious, and affordable."


1) Pan-Fried Pork Chops and Homemade Applesauce ($9.73 total for 4 people)

-Use healthful, but less expensive cuts of meats for meals. Using a bone-in chops keeps the meat moist and some people think it is more flavorful.
-Use in season produce. Ex. Apples this time of year.
-Be flexible. We serve this meal paired with green beans. If broccoli is less expensive at the grocery store that day, use that.
-What about frozen veggies?: the key thing is to eat your vegetables! Usually fresh, seasonal veggies are the most budget-friendly, but if you find a great deal on frozen that's fine too. You just need them in your diet. (Katherine can elaborate with nutrition info)

2) Bistro Braised Chicken ($8.40 total for 4 people)

-Use things you have in your pantry. This recipe uses egg noodles, but you can substitute any kind of pasta.
-Dried fruits work great in this recipe, chicken broth, mustard, and seasonings you have in the house are great additions to this dish.
-Again here you are using less expensive meats: Bone-in chicken thighs

3) Butternut Squash Soup ($8.33 total for 4 people)

Here's a great tip on how to save:
Go meatless once or twice a week and you will see big savings.
Meat typically is the most costly item in your shopping cart. By eliminating it on occasion, you could see big savings.
Again, this recipe is using seasonal produce (the squash) and by pairing it with some bread and a side salad you have a great meal.

4) Beer Braised Beef with Onion, Carrot and Turnips ($9.28 total for 4 people)

-This recipe is one to cheer you up. We splurge a little bit for good beer. A six pack may cost $8, but we only use bottle to flavor the whole dish and then you have 5 more leftover for the weekend.
-A less expensive cut of meat. This is a lot cheaper than a filet mignon.
-It uses pantry ingredients: flour, canola oil, and beef broth
-Carrots, Onion, garlic and turnips are all inexpensive.

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