"Feed the Children" Charity Fires Founder's Daughter

by CBS News producer Chris Scholl.

A bitter public dispute churning within the national charity known as Feed the Children continues to unravel.

According to news reports, the charity has fired the daughter of the organization's founder from her $165,000 job.

Larri Sue Jones was caught up in a bitter family dispute, siding against her father Larry Jones who founded the charity 30 years ago.

For most of those years, Larry Jones was a visible public face of the charity, hosting television infomercials that aired around the country. The board fired him last fall, with Larri Sue's support.

Both father and daughter had made public accusations against each other in lawsuits. In a lawsuit, the father claimed his daughter had misused charity money by living in a $1.2 million dollar Los Angeles home on Feed the Children's dime, and that she engaged in illegal schemes to cover up unpaid taxes. Larri Sue denied wrongdoing and claimed her father took illegal bribes and kickbacks, gave himself unauthorized pay raises and even bugged the executive offices. He disputes those claims.

CBS NEWS first investigated Feed the Children earlier this year, examining those allegations. The organization has been embroiled in multiple lawsuits as well as an ongoing investigation by the Oklahoma Attorney General into the allegations.

On its most recent tax returns, Feed the Children reported to the IRS that it received more than $1.1 billion in contributions and grants.