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Federal Jury Indicts LA Shooter

A federal grand jury Thursday indicted white supremacist Buford O. Furrow on three felony counts including the murder of a postal worker, a charge that carries a potential death sentence.

Prosecutors say the murder case will go forward before charges stemming from the Jewish community center shooting.

Letter carrier Joseph Ileto was gunned down Aug. 10 shortly after five people were wounded at the North Valley Jewish Community Center. Authorities have said the Filipino-American man was targeted because he was a non-white federal worker.

The three-count indictment also accuses Furrow of using a firearm during a violent crime causing death, a potential death penalty offense. The third charge was being a felon in possession of a firearm, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

U.S. Attorney Alejandro Mayorkas and Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti announced the indictment in a joint statement that said they will continue their "collaborative partnership" but that the federal charges will be prosecuted first.

They said an experienced prosecutor from the district attorney's office will be designated as a special assistant U.S. attorney to participate in the federal trial.

Five counts of attempted murder plus carjacking and hate-crime allegations filed by the district attorney will be held in abeyance.

On Wednesday, L.A. Police Chief Bernard Parks released 911 tapes that recorded the terror of the attack on the community center and strengthened his call for gun control.

The emergency recordings capture the frantic voices of people caught in the community center during the shooting.

"I see blood — it's a summer camp with children," said one caller. Another, phoning from under her desk, told the dispatcher someone had shot up the school. The very first description of the gunman phoned in matched that of Furrow.

Police say Furrow was armed to the teeth with guns and ammunition when he set his sights on the North Valley Jewish community center last week, reports CBS News Correspondent Sandra Hughes.

Furrow allegedly used a Chinese-made Uzi knock-off when he fired on the children of the community center. A 9mm Glock handgun was reportedly used to kill Ileto.

Now, Parks wants a better way to track such weaponry.

"Before any gun is delivered to a person in purchasing it, these guns [should] be fired and put that ballistic information in either the FBI or ATF computer base," he said.

The police chief, county sheriff and district attorney are also calling for a ban on assault weapons and gun shows. Additionally, Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., vowed to reintroduce legislation that would ban all assault weapons.

The National Rifle Association's lobbying arm has stated that Furrow was in violation of gun control laws already in place in California and has questioned whether new gun control proposals would have prevented the shootings.

eanwhile, the only remaining hospitalized victim is getting better. Five-year-old Benjamin KadishÂ's doctor has upgraded his condition to fair.

"He was not breathing by himself. He had the tube in his windpipe with the help of ventilators," said Dr. Hossein Mahour. "But now, the tube is out and a few other tubes are out. He is coherent and heÂ's in a good spirit."

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