Rare footage released of FDR seen walking

Rare film was unveiled Thursday of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt walking at the 1937 All-Star Baseball Game.

FDR footage shows president in wheelchair

Roosevelt's legs were paralyzed by polio, though he did his best to conceal it from the public. The footage is one of only two known extended film clips to show Roosevelt walking, according to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, which unveiled the film.

In the never-before-seen film, Roosevelt "walks" up a ramp to his seat at the game at Washington, D.C.'s Griffith Stadium. The president, wearing leg braces, had taught himself to maneuver his hips and swing his legs while holding onto an aide.

The film was shot by Major League Baseball pitcher James DeShong on his 8mm home movie camera and donated by DeShong's family to the Pennsylvania State Archives.

FDR holds the arm of another man as he walks up ramp at stadium Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission