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FBI: Ricin letter to Obama also sent from Wash. state

SEATTLE The FBI says a suspicious letter containing the deadly poison ricin was mailed to President Barack Obama from Spokane, Wash., on the same day similar ricin-tainted letters were mailed to a federal judge and a post office.

A man arrested last week in Spokane has been charged with sending the letter to the judge after it was intercepted May 14.

The Seattle FBI office said Thursday that the Obama letter was intercepted May 22. The FBI said a similar letter was sent to the nearby Fairchild Air Force Base.

The FBI and postal inspectors say all four envelopes are in the possession of law enforcement and were postmarked May 13 in Spokane. Three contained active ricin toxin but the letter sent to the Air Force base continues to undergo testing. Each was addressed by hand in red ink.

Authorities say they have information that a fifth similar letter was sent to the Central Intelligence Agency, but that letter has not been located.

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