FBI: NJ man who killed wife and abducted kids commits suicide in motel

Anthony Trapp and his two daughters
CBS New York

(CBS/AP) FORT MONTGOMERY, N.Y. - The New Jersey man accused of killing his ex-wife and then abducting their two young children reportedly committed suicide Friday morning in an upstate New York motel where he brought his two young daughters.

Anthony Trapp, 39,  released his two daughters to officers after police surrounded the motel earlier this morning.

CBS New York reports the FBI Trapp was found dead from an apparent suicide after barricading himself inside the Fort Montgomery motel.

Old Bridge NJ police Captain Robert Weiss said it was "as good of a conclusion right now at this point as we could have hoped for. Kids are safe. They're in the custody of police in New York state."

An AMBER alert was issued for Trapp's two young daughter, 4-year-old Emma and 20-month-old Sophia after police say they found the girls' mother stabbed to death in Anthony Trapp's home.

According to authorities, Trapp stabbed his ex-wife, 37-year-old Heather Trapp, to death after she arrived at his home to pick up their two children.

New York police were not saying how Trapp died, but authorities concluded it was a suicide. An autopsy was planned for later Friday.

The Star-Ledger said Weiss would not comment on how the mother died or where she was found in the house, but said Anthony Trapp was a person of interest in the investigation from the beginning.

"They were definitely having their problems," said neighbor Anthony Dalessio, who added Heather Trapp and the two girls had moved out of the home. "Nobody was better than she was. She would do anything for her children. Thank God the children are safe and now we have to grieve for one of our best friends. This is just awful."

The Trapp's neighbors said Anthony had lost his job about a year ago, and things started to get sour between the husband and now ex-wife.  After Heather moved out, they shared custody of the children.

Kaplan said family members went to a hospital in upstate in New York to be with the children after the incident.