FBI in Pakistan Investigating Possible Shahzad Ties

Times Square car bomb suspect Faisil Shahzad AP

A law enforcement source tells CBS News that FBI agents are on the ground in Islamabad, Pakistan, as part of their investigation into the botched car bombing of New York's Times Square last week.

Agents are there to assist the Pakistani Intelligence Service and Pakistani law enforcement, while investigating possible links in that country to Faisil Shahzad, a Pakistani-American charged in the case.

The FBI agents, who need the cooperation of the Pakstanis in their investigation into Shahzad, are there to coordinate and pass along information gathered by Pakistani Intelligence, according to the source, and to share with them appropriate leads gathered by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement for follow-up.

"It's a professional partnership,'' the source tells CBS News. "The FBI has to be respectful of the host country, and will not be spreading out talking to people on its own on their soil."

The FBI has full-time legal attaches assigned in Pakistan to develop information that may have investigative value in the U.S.

The source said that the focus of the investigation continues to be who may be connected to the bombing attempt, including how it was financed, and to try to identify others who may have been coached into similar activity.

The sources suggests Shahzad, a 30-year-old naturalized American citizen and Connecticut resident, may have been trying to prove his worth for a future in the Jihadist community.

He may have wanted to go back and say "Hey, look what I did, make me one of you," the source said.