FBI Crime Stats: Violent crime slightly up in 2012, Chicago has highest number of homicides

In Chicago, 228 murders have committed so far this year - up 35 percent from this time last year. Dean Reynolds reports what's behind the murder spike in America's third largest city.
Chicago police

(CBS) - Violent crime was up slightly in 2012, according to federal data released Monday, and Chicago led the nation in homicides, with 500 recorded last year.

The FBI released its annual Crime in the United States survey this week, which found that violent crime rose 0.7 percent from 2011, and property crime dropped 0.9 percent.

Chicago homicides jumped more than 20 percent in one year, from 419 in 2011 to 500 in 2012. New York City, which has three times the population of Chicago, recorded just 419 murders.

But the city in which residents are most likely, statistically, to become victims of homicide is Flint, Mich. Flint has a population of 101,632 and recorded 63 homicides; a rate of one homicide per 1,613 citizens. Compare that to one homicide per 19,783 people in New York.

Detroit was not far behind nearby Flint, recording 386 homicides at a rate of one per 1,832 citizens.

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