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Father's Day: What Dad wore in the '70s

If your dad's ever worn an outfit that made you cringe, check out what fashionable fathers were wearing in the 1970s, courtesy of the 60 Minutes archive. Happy Father's Day!

Shoppers are expected to spend an estimated $12.7 billion on Father's Day this year (an average of $117.14 per gift, which seems more than generous), and about 40 percent of us plan to give him ties, socks, sweaters, and other apparel. Are we using Father's Day as an excuse to give our dads a make-over?

Possibly, but let's take a moment to remind ourselves what our fathers have been through sartorially. Plenty of dads came of age in the 1970s when the men's clothing industry was undergoing a revolution of sorts. If you weren't around to see it, take a look at the fine threads captured by 60 Minutes cameras in this 1970 report by CBS News correspondent Hughes Rudd. Rudd's story on the the changing world of men's fashion goes well beyond the bell-bottom pant leg and takes us back to long-forgotten trends like the page-boy wig.

Watch, enjoy, and try to have some compassion for Dad as you judge his wardrobe this year, will you?