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Father records infant son for a second each day

(CBS News) While I don't have the personal frame of reference to back this up, I feel like people can be pretty funny after they have a child. I've seen everything from the bronzing of first shoes, to jars of baby teeth, childhood trophy collections and much more. And while I have mixed feelings about some methods, this particular way of making a time period more permanent is one I can totally get behind. Watch as a baby is recorded for one second each day over a year above.

The endearing project that immortalizes a toddler's very first year of life was posted on Vimeo by Sam Christopher Cornwell who writes about the background:

Meet our son Indigo who was born on the 9th July 2012. From that day my wife and I videoed Indigo at least once a day, every day up to a year old. For his first birthday we've spent some time putting together a video of his entire first year. He doesn't quite appreciate it yet, but we hope that in a few years he will.
Just going to throw out now that I'm totally going to rip this off if/when I have a child. (Both fingers crossed that will still happen!) A big triple-rainbow salute of artistic and amazing parenting goes out to Sam and his wife from all of us here at The Feed for this wonderful project! And to check out more great work by Sam Christopher Cornwell, be sure to visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.
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