Father of Palestinian boy accused of Israeli attack: My son is not a terrorist

JERUSALEM -- The video inflamed Palestinians and shocked many Israelis: a wounded Palestinian boy on the street, an Israeli man screaming "Die, die!" as another urges police to shoot the boy.

It started when 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra and his 15-year-old cousin Hassan, armed with knives, chased Israeli passersby on the street. A 13-year-old Jewish boy was seriously wounded.

Hassan ran towards police and was shot dead. Ahmed was hit by an Israeli patrol vehicle and fell to the ground, stunned and badly wounded.

Ahmed's father Salah Manasra won't believe his son is a terrorist. He told CBS News he will not believe that his son carried out the attack. "I will not believe them. He's a child."

In his first American television interview, Manasra talked of his son as a youngster who sleeps on a Tom and Jerry pillow. "My heart broke when I heard it," said Manasra of the video showing his son lying wounded in the street.

Ahmed Manasra's bed CBS News

"He's just a child. Even if you see a dog or a cat injured in the street, you help them. I don't understand how the Israelis think."

Ahmed was hospitalized by the Israelis. He is now in custody and is denying that he attacked anyone. So far, he is the youngest Palestinian involved in the attacks over these last several weeks.