Father kidnapped boy who bullied his son, say Baltimore police

Donald Shields, left, is accused of kidnapping over tracking down boy, 11, who allegedly beat up Shields' 8-year-old son.
CBS Baltimore

(CBS/WJZ) BALTIMORE - A father is charged with kidnapping a Baltimore elementary school student after he confronted the boy about bullying his 8-year-old son.

Police say Donald Shields, 33, chased down his son's bully and locked him in his car. Shields is charged with kidnapping, second-degree assault and false imprisonment, CBS Baltimore reports.

Family members say Shields was just trying to take his son's bully back to school so he could be identified by school staff.

According to CBS Baltimore, Tia Drakes, Shields' fiancée, says Shields saw three boys beating his 8-year-old son bloody outside Yorkwood Elementary. She says the kids ran about a block away, where Shields saw one of them  told him to get in the car and took him back to school.

But the victim, 11, tells a different story. He says Shields nearly hit him with his car and then locked him inside. In charging documents about the Nov. 5 incident obtained by the Baltimore Sun, the victim says Shields cursed at him, saying, "Don't [expletive] with my son."

Drakes says at the time, one of the teachers thanked Shields for bringing the alleged bully back to school. Some teachers have gone as far as writing character letters to a judge on Shields' behalf.

Parents at the school are shocked to hear of the incident, especially since the school maintains a strict anti-bullying policy.

Shields preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 11.

CBS Baltimore