Father and toddler son adorably cover The Beatles

(CBS News) Who doesn't love watching a good family jam session? No one, that's who. And not since the father-daughter team of Jorge and Alexa Narvaez have I seen such a priceless duet between a parent and child than the one I'm about to show now. (The recent Pearl Jam cover doesn't count because it was a solo performance.) So go ahead and click play on the video above to see a dad and his toddler son totally jam out to The Beatles with guitars and singing.

The adorable overload cover of the classic song "Don't Let Me Down" was posted on YouTube by user Christian Diego Mello out of Brazil who writes about the bonding session and performance (Editor's note: I'm including both the original Portuguese and a loose translation below it):

Trecho de Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles, interpretado por Diogo Mello de apenas 1 ano e 11 meses. Data vídeo: 28.05.2013
Excerpt from Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles played by Diogo Mello only 1 year and 11 months [old]. Video Date: 05/28/2013
I just hope the tyke doesn't let the praise go to his head and decide to go solo. (You literally need to learn to walk before you run!) A big triple-rainbow salute of Partridge Family in the present excellence go out to both of them from us here at The Feed for the endearing performance! And to check out more from Christian Diego Mello, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here.