Fatal Attraction: Ann Rule Links

More On Ann Rule

Interested in the Capano case, or in author Ann Rule? The Web has several interesting sites. Below are a few of the best.

And Never Let Her Go: Ann Rule's publisher, Simon & Schuster, has created a site for her latest book, And Never Let Her Go, about the Capano case. Find out more about Rule, and read the first chapter of the book.

Anne Marie Fahey Memorial Site: Fahey's friends and family have started a charity in her name. To find out more information, check out this site.

Ann Rule's Official Site: For crime buffs who can't get enough of Rule's wildly popular books (17 to date), this is a good place to visit.

Check a schedule of readings, order a book or read her newsletter. There's also a section that gives updates on the people she's written about in her earlier books.

Delaware Online Capano Site: In Delaware, the Capano case was front-page news for years. Delaware Online has created a comprehensive section devoted to almost every aspect of the case.