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Faster Connections to the Net

Someday you'll be saying I remember the old days when you would click on a web site and just wait and wait. That someday could be now. High speed access is available today and you have a number of choices. Phone companies are rolling out digital subscriber line, or DSL services bit by bit. Cable companies are making cable access available slowly but surely. But even if those two options aren't available where you live, you can look into access via satellite dish through a service called DirecPC, or ask your phone company for ISDN service. It zips along at speeds up to 128k and is a lot more affordable than it used to be. Prices vary from region to region. Setting up ISDN service used to be difficult too. But a company called Eicon Technologies has a line of modems that in most cases, makes it simple. You can even use a single connection for multiple PCs in a household or small office at the same time. Eicon's Peter Geier...

The Diva Lan ISDN modem is one of the first products which is absolutely targeted towards the home market. And everybody who can set up a regular modem will be able to configure his complete local area network, including the ISDN part, in less than fifteen minutes."

All of the higher speed options are more expensive, but a lot of surfers think it's worth the price.

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