Fast-talking teens debate foreign policy at warp speed


(CBS News) Political analysts are hard at work breaking down the body language and facial cues exhibited by the presidential and vice presidential candidates at recent national debates, but for those looking for a more substantial conversation on the issues, a group of fast-talking teenagers may provide a harder-hitting -- and high-speed -- debate on political policy.

Wednesday on "CBS This Morning," CBS News correspondent Mo Rocca spoke to a group of teenagers who can debate at speeds of 400 words-per-minute. Rocca attended a weekend tournament of youth speed debaters near Chicago where he spoke with teens who regularly dissect topics like the impending fiscal cliff and nuclear annihilation at top speed, employing speed-reading techniques to fact-check their debate rebuttals at high speeds.

To watch Rocca's interviews with these teens and their parents and to hear Rocca's thoughts on the subject, watch the video above.