Fashion's Night Out: Where the Industry's Elite Lets Loose

Fashion Designer Zac Posen boogies down during Saks Fifth Avenue's Fashion's Night Out event called "Dancing with the Designers."

In a sea of designer duds, Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks, fashionistas from near and far flooded Saks Fifth Avenue's New York flagship store to celebrate Fashion's Night Out 2010 on Friday, Sept. 10.

Drawing inspiration from rock 'n' roll and its impact on fashion, Saks was indeed rocking. DJs spun and models, designers and celebrities danced and played bingo and "Win, Lose or Draw" - among many other fun events held to boost the fashion industry.

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Fashion's Night Out also gave many stellar designers, who were on the clock, the chance to unwind before New York Fashion Week officially kicked off.

During "Dancing with the Designers," designer Zac Posen had a few minutes to boogie down to Michael Jackson's "Beat It," before returning to do fittings for his show the following day.

Lucky contestants held a dance-off as part of a raffle to win a ticket to Posen's fashion show.

Designer Kay Unger was a vision, twirling around in a stunning, retro black dress with long black gloves - her designs of course.

"I don't know if I am a dancer, but I do believe that my clothing makes you want to dance," Unger told

After the show, Unger said she was planning to do karaoke and sing Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl." Keeping up with the spirit of Fashion's Night Out, Unger sang a few lyrics then said, "I hope she (Perry) looks as good as I do at 65!"

Victoria's Secret Supermodel Karolina Kurkova heated up Fashion's Night Out by hosting bingo.

"Actually it's my first time playing bingo, but you would think that I played it before, right?" Kurkova told

So what games does the Czech beauty like to play when she's not strutting her stuff on the runway?

Kurkova loves to play cards, but growing up as an "awkward" teen, she used to play "Spin the Bottle." But her country's version was a bit more risque - more like our version of strip poker.

"You start removing one item," she explained. "And if you keep playing it for a few hours..."

Enough said!

Sorry to disappoint fans, but Kurkova said she never ended up in her birthday suit - she did however get practice for her future job as a model, posing in her underwear.

Needless to say, the night was full of surprises on each level - and some events put designers to the test.

Fashion designers may be able to sketch their designs, but are they any good at sketching for "Win, Lose or Draw?"

Judging by the roaring laughter - not so much, but they tried. Designers Christian Cota, Prabel Gurung, Peter Som, and Heidi Mount with Vogue's Meredith Melling Burke, serving as game show host, battled it out.

So, when they aren't posed, scripted or in complete creative concentration, can models, celebrities and designers really get down?

You be the judge: