Farrelly brothers bring back "The Three Stooges"

(CBS News) For 18 years, starting with "Dumb & Dumber," and "There's Something About Mary," the Farrelly brothers have scored hit after hit with their unique no-holds-barred comedy style.

Now, in their new movie, the writer/directors are bringing back the classic slapstick comedy of "The Three Stooges."

"The Three Stooges" on the big screen

The film took more than a decade to complete - primarily because of the brothers' loyalty to their subject. Their goal was not to outdo the original Three Stooges, but recapture the funny stuff and set it in the modern-day world.

"When we met with actors - and with met with lots - thousands of actors... we were very specific," Peter said. "We said, it has to be exactly Moe, Larry and Curly. We didn't want a version of Moe - like a Batman movie. We wanted to be exact."

The Farrelly Brothers' humor has been described as sophomoric and silly but they say that comes out of their desire to have fun and finding something funny in all situations. It has done them well, financially. Their previous ten films which they have written and directed have grossed more than $650 million at the box office.

What's the key to their comedy?

"We first think of creating a character that's so likeable we can hang our gags on them," Peter said. "Once have you those characters worked out where you like those guys, the gags are natural. They come easily. Like, you better like Jim Carrey in "Dumb & Dumber," because two minutes into the movie, he's selling a dead bird to a blind kid in a wheelchair."

"The Three Stooges" opens April 13th in theaters nationwide.