Farouk Shami is on Fire: Campaign Spot of the Year?

It's primary day in Texas, and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami -- who is widely expected to lose to former Houston mayor Bill White -- has released a last-minute campaign song presumably designed to win the youth vote.

The auto-tuned song, "Farouk," features hip-hop artist J. Xavier, and it "outlines Farouk's new solutions for Texas, including creating jobs and reforming the education system so it looks out for all Texas children," as Shami's Web site puts it. (You can download the MP3 there.)

Here's the chorus of the song, via the Texas Tribune: "Who's got the new solutions for Texas: FAROUK/When it comes to the state, who's gone rep it: FAROUK/Farouk Farouk, Farouk is on fi-ah/Serving the community, his numba one desiah."

Listen above. The spot would be the undisputed champion in the category of "insane political ads of 2010" were it not for the amazing demon sheep video put out by California Senate candidate's Carly Fiorina a month ago.

Your move, Fiorina.