Fans Crying In Carolina

Fans of the Carolina Panthers have had enough of the football team's poor performance this season. And they are planning an unusual protest. Correspondent David Wiznet of CBS Affiliate WBTV in Charlotte, N.C. reports.

Steve and Sandy, talk show hosts at a local radio station, decided they've had enough of the Panthers losing ways. So they put a pair of paper bags on their heads. They are wearing bags to promote a protest they have planned for Sunday at Ericsson Stadium.

"We're not going drink, throw anything, be obscene," the hosts say. "We're going to wear our bags. If they try to eject us, we'll peacefully resist, because we think it's our right to wear bags to a game."

They say they want Panthers Coach Dom Capers to be fired.
Sunday's game will be televised on ESPN, and the radio station is offering a prize for the fan who can get his bagged face on television for the longest period of time.

"The first Panther punt should be the signal to don the bags," they say.

Fans seem to be going along with stunt. "The Panthers are stinking it up," one fan said. "People need to be hiding their head, like this, you know? They need to be wearing it just like this saying, 'Go, Panthers!'"