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Fancy Felines And Common Cats

A rare breed walked away with the grand prize at the 15th International Cat Show at New York City's Madison Square Garden. But not all the winners were purebred fancy felines. Experts, owners, and the show's founder present some of the top cats to CBS This Morning co-anchors Thalia Assuras and Russ Mitchell.

If you think a cat show is just for purebred or pedigreed cats - think again. At the 15th International Cat Show In New York this weekend, competition ranged from the rarest pure-breeds to ordinary household pets. Categories included Best of Breed, Best Household Pet, and even "walk-in" contests for amateur house pets.

Top honors - Best in Show - went to 10-month-old Nobu - a Japanese Bobtail.

Vicky Markstein, the founder of the International Cat Show says, "The pattern on the head...looks like cats you see in ancient Japanese paintings. That marking just is so typical of cats of that area. They are all like that."

Although these cats share a similar stubby tail, there is no relation to the American bobtail. American bobtails were on exhibit for the first time in this show. They come in all colors and patterns but share a trademark stubby tail.

Another winning cat - a black shorthair - was actually rescued from a shelter. His owner, Kitty (no kidding!) Brady, tells This Morning,"He was rescued from the Animal Control Center where his previous owner told them to put him down because he was too fat to keep."

In fact, "Sinbad" was 28 pounds, and since his rescue he has lost some weight. He now weighs in at 22 pounds.

Another cat at the show is the American Curl. Markstein says, "This cat has been recognized only seven yearsÂ… It's a mutation which occurred in California. The ears are curled back - it gives them this inquisitive look."

Cats that Markstein calls, "the gentle giants" include the Main Coon cats. She says, "They were the first cat show at Madison Square Garden was 100 years ago."

These cats are also large - weighing in at 22 pounds. And that, Markstein reminds us, is three times more than the dog that won the Kennel Club Show at Madison Square Garden not too long ago.

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