FAMU lifts suspension of "Marching 100" band in aftermath of hazing scandal

Prosecutors investigating the hazing death of a drum major at Florida A&M upgraded the criminal charges in the case. Scott Pelley reports 12 people are now charged with second-degree manslaughter.
Florida A&M's Marching 100 band

(CBS) TALAHASSEE, Fla.--  Florida A&M interim President Larry Robinson has lifted the suspension of the famous "Marching 100" band. In doing so Thursday, he cited changes the university has implemented over the past year to combat hazing, reported CBS affiliate WCTV.

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The famous marching corps was disbanded after drum major Robert Champion died from a hazing ritual conducted by his band mates after the Florida Classic football game in late 2011. 

"When considering all of the measures we have put in place, I believe this constitutes us having the right conditions," Robinson said at a press conference, according to the station. He continued, saying, "Our newly appointed Director of Marching and Pep Bands, Dr. Sylvester Young, will decide when the band is ready for public performances."

Robinson listed the comprehensive "anti-hazing plan" the university has put into place since Champion's death, which includes new, "enhanced procedures for reporting and investigating hazing allegations," a website called, campus training and forums on hazing, and other measures, said WCTV.

According to the station, Young reported to work on June 14 and said he and his team are continuing to assess the band.

"We are looking at the faculty who will be involved in the band under the new structure, the maximum and minimum sizes of musical units needed for the standard of excellence we've grown accustom to. We are also assessing equipment, uniforms, pre-drill activities and other related processes to determine our readiness," Young said, reported the station.

Young told WCTV that once the assessment is complete, he will announce the reconstituted Marching 100's first public performance.

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