Family of missing Texas woman offers $20,000 reward

Leanne Bearden, 33, has been missing since Jan. 17; she was last seen by family in Garden Ridge, Texas
CBS affiliate KENS

SAN ANTONIO – The family of a woman missing for over three weeks is now offering a $20,000 reward for information that helps their search, reports CBS affiliate KENS.

Family members of Leanne Bearden say they will pay $10,000 to anyone who knows her exact location and an additional $10,000 for information leading to her return. The 33-year-old woman left her in-laws' house in Garden Ridge, Texas to go for a run on Jan. 17, saying she would return in an hour. That was the last time anyone reported seeing her.

“While there are many more questions than answers, the only thing we do know is that lack of contact to anyone she loves is very worrisome,” said Leanne’s husband, Josh Bearden, in a written statement. “We strongly feel that if she could have contacted us, she would have by now… We are hoping offering a financial reward will encourage that person or people to share that information.”

The couple had just returned to Texas from a two-year vacation around the world.

The family has searched for Leanne in Austin, Houston, Laredo, San Antonio and Garden Ridge, with no success.

Police have said that there is no evidence suggesting the woman was taken against her will. A private investigator hired by the Bearden family said there was a “strong possibility” that Leanne left Garden Ridge voluntarily.

Her family believes she may have had a hard time transitioning back into normal life after returning to Texas.

“Again, at this time there is no evidence that points to any crime being committed, but the lack of any real credible information and lack of contact by Leanne to any of us has us extremely worried and we just wanted to know that Leanne is okay,” said Josh Bearden.

Leanne Bearden is 5-foot-2-inches and weighs roughly 100 pounds. She was last seen wearing a t-shirt, hiking boots with pink laces and a small backpack.

Anyone with information is urged to call the private investigator at 210-826-4052, the Garden Ridge Police Department at 210-651-6441 or the Heidi Search Center at 210-650-0428.