Family: Not enough done to protect Texas prosecutor

(CBS News) Two days after burying murdered Texas prosecutor Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, family members are saying not enough was done to protect the couple.

Family spokesman Chris Heisler also criticized the $200,000 reward being offered for information about the murders as "inadequate."

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Investigators in Kaufman County, Texas, believe the McLellands were shot to death in their home Saturday morning, March 31 -- two months after another prosecutor from the same office, Mark Hasse, was killed near his courthouse office.

Former Manhattan prosecutor AnneMarie MacAvoy says retribution by criminals has always been a risk

"The reality is that prosecutors know there is a level of danger in what they do," she said.

Among the suspects are members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. The gang boasts 4,000 members and has been linked to more than 100 killings, many involving torture. The Kaufman County DA's office has been is prosecuting members for crimes ranging from murder to drug dealing.

McLelland, a 23-year Army veteran, was known to carry a firearm. Video of the late district attorney shows him shopping in a gun store the day before he was murdered.

"I asked him if he was ever in fear of his life, he said no," said O'Neill Kidwill, the owner of the gun store.

His replacement, Interim District Attorney Brandi Fernandez, is under 24-hour protection.

I think it's just a necessary inconvenience but I'm still gonna show up and they're still gonna show up with me and we're gonna get this job done," Fernandez said.

Investigators are looking into whether the McLellands may have known their killer or killers. Considering the tensions following the murder of Mark Hasse, they question whether Cynthia McLelland would have opened the door for a stranger.

Mourners gather at the funeral for Mike and Cynthia McLelland.
Mourners gather at the funeral for Mike and Cynthia McLelland.
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