Family Houses 44 During Blizzard

Randy and Christine Glover and their two children live in a remote area of New Mexico, but it was the perfect location to provide refuge to 44 people stranded by a blizzard that hammered most of New Mexico and Colorado.

The Glover's 1,200-square-foot ranch house is just off U.S. Route 56, 40 miles west of Clayton, N.M., and the Glovers could hear some of the people stuck in 30 inches of snow over their two-way radio.

"Christine and I used little hand-held radios when I'm in the shop working and communicate back and forth," Randy Glover told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. "I picked up a radio transmission that I shouldn't have. I just thought it was some … technological fluke but they continued to talk, and I tried to talk back to them and they could hear me. We figured out they were right outside. They couldn't see our house and we couldn't see them. The whiteout was pretty bad."

Eventually those stranded found the Glovers who eagerly took them and according to one of their guests Debbie Shumaker of Miami, Okla., had chili ready for them when they arrived. Thirty people stayed for two nights and 14 stayed for three. The last guests left on New Year's Day.

Shumaker said she was in the middle of going to a ski lodge when she was stranded due to the blizzard.

"It was, like, just out of nowhere, their home was there, you know, ready for us," she said.

The Glovers were able feed all their guests because one of the stranded people drove an affiliated truck full of food.

"He opened his truck and we were able to survive for two days," Christine Glover said.

Shumaker told the Glovers that they were "like angels" but Christine Glover said that her family didn't do anything extraordinary — they were simply in the right place at the right time.

"And all of the people that were here were so wonderful," she said. "Everyone filled a position and chipped in and we just all worked together. It was great."