Family Friend Was "Suspicious" of MJ MDs

Michael Jackson waves as he leaves court, Monday, June 13, 2005, in Santa Maria, Calif. Jackson was found not guilty on all counts against him.
A longtime Jackson family friend says it made him "suspicious" anytime a doctor got close to Michael Jackson, because that could only happen if the doctor followed Jackson's orders.

Concert promoter Leonard Rowe said on "The Early Show" Thursday, "There would be no doctor in Michael Jackson's presence, in his home or elsewhere, who would not do what Michael Jackson wanted done. So, by him having access to Michael Jackson, it's alarming to me because, when a doctor is with Michael Jackson in his surroundings and in his midst, he would have to do what Michael Jackson wants done."

Rowe also told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez that Jackson "wouldn't have a doctor around with him if that doctor would not follow his orders. He wouldn't give him that privilege. So, it's alarming to me, and I'm skeptical about that. When I see a doctor that's close to Michael Jackson in a very close manner, I begin to become suspicious about it, because I know Michael Jackson's habits."

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On Wednesday, authorities searched the Houston clinic of the physician who was with Jackson when he died, Dr. Conrad Murray, and Murray's lawyer said they were seeking evidence of manslaughter.

A law enforcement source tells CBS News the search warrant involved was based on a preliminary autopsy report pointing to Propofol -- also known as Diprivan -- as the possible cause of Jackson's death. The drug is a powerful anesthetic meant only for use in surgery, but was said to have been found inside Jackson's rented mansion. According to numerous reports, Jackson went to great lengths to get it, to help him sleep.

Also on Wednesday, the coroner's office subpoenaed the records of former Jackson nutritionist Cherilyn Lee for information on her treatment of the singer, Lee told "The Early Show."

"He suffered from a really bad case of insomnia and was told that this medication, Diprivan, would really help him to sleep," Lee said, so he begged her to give it to him, but she refused.

"I did not administer Diprivan to Mr. Jackson," Lee said, "and actually, I went to great lengths to warn him not to take the medication, because it's not for insomnia and it isn't safe for someone to administer this from home."

"I was fully aware that they were going to do this," Lee continued. "Basically, it's protocol: Anybody that did any work with him, they would need to have medical records."

Separately, the celebrity Web site is reporting that Jackson's oldest sibling, his sister, Rebbie, will be the one to raise his three kids, even though Jackson's only known will stipulates that his mother, Katherine Jackson, should get custody.

TMZ says the entire Jackson family agrees that Rebbie, whom the kids "adore," should raise them, even if Katherine gets legal custody.

"The 59-year-old singer, who shares a home in Las Vegas with her hubby of over 20 years, has kept a low public profile, but privately she has been deeply involved in the lives of Michael's children," TMZ says. "We're told Rebbie is currently living with Katherine at the family's Encino (Calif.) home and is caring for the kids day-to-day."

Rowe told Rodriguez that sounded good to him. "Mrs. Jackson does a very good job of caring for the kids," Rowe said. "I have been around her. I have watched her with those kids, and she is wonderful. But Rebbie is also wonderful. So, it wouldn't surprise me at all for Rebbie to assist her in caring for the kids."