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Family feud over TV escalates into violence, say N.D. cops

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(CBS/AP) MINOT, N.D. - I said I'll watch what I want!

That must have been something like the "conversation" a brother and sister in Minot, North Dakota had Monday night when their argument over changing the TV channel allegedly escalated into violence.

Ward County authorities responded to a report of an assault at a home on the east edge of Minot. They say the 21-year-old sister allegedly stabbed her 15-year-old brother with a kitchen knife outside the home. The brother then allegedly went back into the home and got a wooden banister pole that he then used to assault his sister.

Both combatants were taken to a hospital for treatment. The sister was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault domestic violence. The brother was referred to juvenile court on the same charge.

I see a TV series: "Real Siblings of North Dakota."