Family Believed Baby Cut From Womb Was Theirs

Cindy Dion, mother of Alex Dion, on July 31, 2009. Alex Dion is the boyfriend of Julie Corey who is accused of kidnapping a baby girl who was cut from her mother's womb.

WORCESTER, Mass. (CBS/ AP) Little things nagged at Cindy Dion while her son's girlfriend, Julie Corey, was pregnant: One month Corey said she was four months' pregnant; the next it was eight. Her due date pushed back drastically as it neared. And Corey suddenly refused to let Dion's son, Alex, accompany her to the doctor.

But Dion put her questions aside when her granddaughter was born last week and her son couldn't stop smiling. The family even held a cookout to welcome the child, whom he and his girlfriend planned to name Alida Nevaeh.

Now, the baby is in state custody and Julie Corey, Alex Dion's on-and-off girlfriend of two years, is in jail on $2 million bail. Corey has been charged with kidnapping an infant as well as being a fugitive from justice. The mother, Darlene Haynes, a friend of Corey's, was found dead Monday in Worcester. Police have not yet charged anyone in her death.

Cindy Dion said Friday it's devastating that she got a chance to hold and love the baby when Haynes never did. She struggles to speak when she considers she might never see the baby she thought was her granddaughter again.

"It's killing me. I've got a hole in my heart," Dion said before breaking down and weeping.

Dion said Corey appeared to be expecting when the family held a shower for her in May. But looking back, Dion said, Corey's behavior during the pregnancy was odd.

She told the family she was four months' pregnant in April but said she was eight months' pregnant by the shower a month later. She wouldn't let Alex Dion accompany her on doctor's visits after a test indicated the baby might have developmental problems. The baby was originally due in mid-June, but Corey, 35, told the family she was going to have a cesarean section in late July.

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35-year-old Julie Corey is escorted after her arrest in Plymouth, N.H. Wednesday July 29, 2009.

Dion said she was set to go to the hospital July 24th for the cesarean but Corey called the night before to say she was about to give birth. Then, Corey called Friday morning to ask her to visit the baby at her home, not at a hospital.

Cindy Dion said the baby appeared to have blood in her ear and around her neck. She thought that was extremely odd thinking a hospital would clean a newborn much more carefully than this.

Still, Cindy Dion believed the baby was Corey's until her distraught son called from New Hampshire on Wednesday, the day police arrested Corey. He told her, "The baby's not ours."

Dion said her biggest question is what happened to Corey's pregnancy. Did she miscarry? If so, what happened to the child's body? "I want to know where my grandbaby is," she said.

Corey said little during a hearing Thursday in Concord District Court via video from jail. She did not waive extradition to be brought back to Massachusetts to face kidnapping charges. Judge Gerard Boyle ordered all police affidavits in the case sealed and scheduled a hearing for Aug. 30.

Corey's lawyer, Louis Aloise, could not be reached for comment late Friday. He told the Telegram & Gazette of Worcester that he wouldn't comment on the case. Corey told police the baby was hers.

Alex Dion couldn't immediately be reached for comment Friday, but he told the Boston Herald he never doubted the child was his. "I thought I had a brand-new daughter," he said. "I am so confused. I don't know what to think. I thought I had a brand-new daughter." Dion said Corey told him she was pregnant shortly after a breakup in October.

Dion said Corey told him on July 23 that she was taking the slain women, who was a friend, to the store. She then called him several times later that night, saying she had gone into labor and her water had broken. He said early on July 24 Corey called to say she had given birth to a baby girl at a Framingham hospital. Dion told the paper he called both their families with the news.

His mother said her 27-year-old son was racked with grief on the ride home from New Hampshire.

"He cried so hard he couldn't catch his breath," she said. "I had to climb over the front seat and sit with him. And he hugged me like he was a little kid."

(AP/Family photo, via Boston Herald)
Darlene Haynes, 23, who was found dead in her Worcester, Mass., apartment, July 27, 2009, with her fetus cut from her womb

Donna Scoville, a neighbor who drove the mother and son back from New Hampshire, said she turned to Alex Dion and said, "I'm sorry." Scoville said his response to her was: "I don't want you to be sorry for me. Be sorry for that baby's mother."

Corey, 35, was ordered held on $2 million bail in New Hampshire on Thursday, one day after being found with the 4-pound baby girl at a homeless shelter.

23 year old Darlene Haynes was eight months pregnant. Authorities said Haynes had head trauma, but an exact cause of death had not been determined. It was not until an autopsy that authorities discovered the fetus was missing.

Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said investigators are still trying to determine who was involved before the make charges in the murder.

Corey and Dion knew Haynes through Roberto Rodriguez, her estranged boyfriend and father of her 18-month-old daughter, who is now in state custody.

Relatives say Haynes had two other children, Jasmine, 5, and Lillian, 3, who are being raised by her mother. A custody hearing is scheduled for Monday in Worcester Juvenile Court. Early said several people are seeking custody of the baby.

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