Family and friends remember Andy Rooney

It has been two months now since Andy Rooney left us. On Thursday, his family, friends and colleagues got together in New York at an event to share their memories of him. "CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley presents stories by Andy's son, Brian, and "60 Minutes" correspondents Morley Safer and Steve Kroft.

Watch a video remembrance of Andy Rooney's life and career from "CBS Sunday Morning" below:

Andy Rooney's life and career

Brian Rooney: My father flew in bombers over Germany and walked among the dead at Normandy. He met King George, the stutterer. He was tent mates with Ernie Pyle. He knew Ernest Hemingway and thought he was a jerk.All that and so much more was in his memory and now it's all gone.

Morley Safer: At a certain point, we -- all of us -- reflect on what we leave behind. In Andy's case, it's a rich, eccentric legacy. One man's view of his century, reaching from war to watches, politics to paperweights, natural disasters to unnatural doorknobs. He was not so much a man for all seasons as he was a man for all observations.

Steve Kroft: He was one of the last living public personages of a great generation. It's a voice that is slowly falling silent. And that's a loss not for all of us at "60 Minutes," but for all of us around the country.

Video: Andy Rooney passes away
Video: Andy Rooney's life and career
Video: Memories of Andy Rooney

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