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Families Getting Larger

American families are bigger than they were a few years ago.

According to this month's Child magazine, a growing number of couples are having three or more children, and it appears to be a trend.

The birth rate for families with a third child rose from 10.3 per one thousand women in 1980 to 11.1 per one thousand in 2003. Rates for fourth kids are also higher: 3.9 per one thousand in 1980 compared to 4.3 in 2003.

Sociologists consider this significant, because these figures rarely increase.

Also, a growing number of larger families are well-to do.

In 2004, 32 percent of those in the top 5 per cent of the nation's family income levels had two or more kids whereas, in 1990, only 23 percent had to or more, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Andrea Barbalich, executive editor of Child magazine, visited The Early Show Monday and discussed the numbers with Tracy Smith.

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To read the article in Child magazine, click here.

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