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Families reach $10 million settlement with Grandy Lake Forest Associates over deadly 2014 landslide

SEATTLE - An attorney says survivors and family members of people who died in a massive 2014 landslide north of Seattle have reached a $10 million settlement with a timber company that logged an area above the site of the collapse.

The tentative deal with Grandy Lake Forest Associates timber company was announced Monday by Corrie Yackulic, an attorney representing the families.

Details weren’t immediately available.

The lawsuit was filed following the devastating Oso landslide, which wiped out a rural neighborhood and killed 43 people.

A before and after animation of the deadly 2014 Oso mudslide Bing/AP

Plaintiffs alleged that the state, Snohomish County and Grandy Lake have liability for worsening damage from the slide or failing to warn about the danger in the area.

On Sunday, attorneys announced a $50 million settlement with the state of Washington.

Survivor Robin Youngblood said at the time the roar of the hillside collapsing was so loud that she thought an airplane had crashed. But when she looked out the window of her mobile home, all she saw was a wall of mud racing across her beloved river valley toward her home.

“All I could say was ‘Oh my God’ and then it hit us,” Youngblood told The Associated Press. “Like a wave hit our mobile home and pushed it up. It tore the roof off of the house. When we stopped moving we were full of mud everywhere. Two minutes was the whole thing.”

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