Fall Tour Preview

This picture taken 30 June 2006 shows US singer-songwriter Bob Dylan performing at the Roskilde Festival. Dylan will perform during a concert in Saint-Sebastian 11 July 2006.
Expect a coast-to-coast traffic jam as old-timers and neophytes hit the road for the Fall 2007 concert season. Don Kaye reports for

The fall brings a blitz of new album releases, and with them a traffic jam of tours as artists head out on the road to support their latest efforts and boost holiday CD sales. While there are still radio festivals galore (especially as Christmas draws near), the summer package tours are generally replaced in the fall by high-profile, single or double-artist showcases. As is usually the case, the 2007 season will bring a mix of first-timers, acts looking to establish themselves after an initial bout of success, and proven superstars who draw loyal, stadium-size crowds. With ticket prices as high as they've ever been, it's a question of how much music you want to see -- and how much you can afford.

James Blunt: "You're Beautiful" was as big a hit single as a new artist could hope for, and Blunt is not afraid to go on the road for months. But he'll hopefully try to tone down just how irritating he is on a fall tour meant to promote his second album, "All The Lost Souls." (starts Sept. 18, New York, NY)

Fall Music Preview
Bob Dylan & Elvis Costello: Does Dylan ever come off the road? Apparently not, as he's scheduled this 22-date run and is taking Costello out as support. The latter will be making his first solo appearances in 12 years on the trip. (Sept. 22, Duluth, GA)

Van Halen: They don't have any new music out, but the first trek in 22 years with original singer David Lee Roth on the mic is already a huge success: dates are selling out in a frenzy around the country almost as fast as the band can add them. Sure to be the rock spectacle -- or train wreck -- of the fall. (Sept. 27, Charlotte, NC)

2Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Lopez says that her more seasoned hubby Marc has finally talked her into heading out on her first full-length concert tour. J-Lo's credibility as a musical artist has been frankly hurt by her reluctance to tour until now, but she's finally and perhaps appropriately picked new album "Brave" as the catalyst for her live debut. We'll see how brave a move that really is. (Sept. 29, Atlantic City, NJ)

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: New album "Magic" brings Bruce back to rock, so what else can the Boss do but reassemble the legendary E-Streeters? Sure to be a huge draw, this trek should feature plenty of three-hour shows and anthemic, crowd-pleasing odes to everything from the working man to a bog in New Jersey's Pine Barrens. In other words, it should be magic. (Oct. 2, Hartford, CT)

The MySpace Tour: This is the first in a series of concert tours sponsored by the massive social networking site, with Hellogoodbye and Say Anything co-headlining and even more planned for 2008. Let's see just how many friends the idea has. (Oct. 16, Seattle, WA)

Fall Out Boy: Teen emo rockers everywhere can break out their eyeliner, hoodies and ultra-tight jeans when these pretty boy punk puppets roll into town, aided and abetted by the Plain White T's and Gym Class Heroes. It's the perfect show to go to and whine about your mom, and the girl or boy who just broke up with you. (Oct. 18, Columbus, OH)

John Mellencamp: There's no arrival date yet for his new album, but fans can expect a sneak preview of some of the tunes as this heartland rocker heads out on a 14-show excursion, stretching his legs after a lengthy stay in the studio. (Oct. 26, Terre Haute, IN)

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