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Fall Fashion For Kids

These days most kids want to be fashionable and have a say in defining their own style.

Many already know designer names, but that doesn't mean parents have to spend a bundle to keep their kids looking good.

Fashion expert Alison Deyette shows The Early Show the latest fall trends and has some tips that will make shopping easier.

Deyette recommends that parents set a realistic budget and stick to it when buying clothes for their children. Parents should sort through their child's closet and set aside anything that doesn't fit, making a list of what needs to be replaced.

More often than not, children will have their own ideas of what they need to wear or buy. So, Deyette says, parents should discuss this with the child, set a day and time for shopping and make a list of favorite shops to visit.

Deyette selected several stylish, yet affordable looks for this fall season.

Bohemian Look

Bohemian trends, huge last spring, continue non-stop for the fall.

  • Bohemian multi-blue top with flirty edges on the sleeves and elsewhere, from T.J. Maxx for $12.99.
  • Bohemian/hippie-styled accessories such as a fringed leather bag and belt both from The Gap, $9.99-$12.99.
  • Denim has always been a mainstay for any wardrobe — be it child or adult — only the cuts and styles have changed. This fall, jean styles for girls are either flared or boot cut, and usually fit below the waist. Paris Blue Jeans from Marshalls, $13.50.
  • Denim clogs from The Gap, $34.50.

    Athletic Look

    Since boys are more interested in comfort, athletic trends continue to be popular. As a rule, boys usually don't like anything too tight — it's all about the fit.

  • The rugby shirt is a classic trend experiencing renewed popularity this season. From school to play to weekend, this shirt always look good and feels comfortable. Hunter green rugby shirt from Old Navy, $16.50.
  • A down-filled vest in navy will take you straight through winter. It even has a cell phone pocket for the boy on the go. From The Gap, $48.
  • Corduroy fabric in all colors and styles is a strong trend this season. Offering ultra-comfort with many pockets are painter-style cord pants. In hunter green from Old Navy, $22.50.
  • A backpack in an orange/navy color combo from Lands End, $39.50.


    Celebrities and moms have taken the retro-athletic look to a more fashionable level wearing stylish terry or velour tracksuits. These training suits were first popularized by designers of the Juicy Couture line, as well as by J Lo.

  • Track suit in red with white trim and a hooded top by Espirit from TJ Maxx.
  • Silk-screened T-shirts are another retro-trend from the 70s. The "Angel" baseball tee is by Lily Bleu from TJ Maxx.
  • Matching red track-like sneakers from Tommy Hilfiger.

    Collegiate Look

    For the past two spring seasons, a "preppy" trend gave us ribbon belts and lots of looks in pinks and greens. This season, the trend moves toward a more collegiate look with bold school colors.

  • Classic chambray button-down shirt from The Gap, $24.50.
  • Orange/navy sweater from The Gap, $29.50.
  • Matching orange/navy knit scarf from The Gap, $14.50.
  • Matching knit hat from The Gap, $12.50.
  • Khakis updated in a cargo-style (with adjustable waist) from The Gap, $29.50.
  • Brown leather zip-up ankle boot by Pom D'Api from, $117.

    Sporty Snowboarder

    Another popular athletic or sporty trend, especially for boys, is the layered off-the-slope snowboarder styles.

  • A zip-up fleece in hunter green with orange trim, Lands End, $49.50.
  • Long-sleeved navy silk-screened "Mountain Air" T-shirt worn over a long-sleeved white tee from Lands End.
  • Khaki Cargo pant designed similar to a snowboarding pant from Land End.
  • Brown hiking-style sneakers from Tommy Hilfiger.

    Multi-Trend Look

    Trendy purple and pink colors are mixed, matched and layered with lots of other hot trends such as corduroy, denim and knit fabrics, as well as popular hooded tops.

  • Denim shirt/jacket
  • A hot pink hooded cable knit zip-up sweater jacket.
  • A purple long-sleeved T-shirt.
  • A purple corduroy skirt, from Covington.

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