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Fall Beauty Trends

Fall means crisp days, cool nights, falling leaves, apples and pumpkins and - of course - new fashion and beauty trends.

It's time to leave behind the light, easy makeup of summer. According to Gwen Flamberg of Fitness magazine, fall's look is more polished, more feminine, and more lady-like.

Here are Gwen's tips about what's in style right now.

MASCARA: This season, the eyes have it - they should be the focal point of any make-up routine. Every company is launching a super-volumizing mascara for fall. Layer it on for big, bold lashes.

LIQUID LINER: Think Rita Hayworth - delicate but defined eyes. Liquid liner is more precise than pencil, and makes more of a statement. Pencil winds up looking too soft and smudged. The new liquid liner formulas are easy to apply; they are less heavy that liquid liners in the past, so there's no need to fear you'll wind up with thick burlesque-like lines on your eyes. However, Gwen suggests staying away from black liner and instead choosing navy, green, or even bronze.

EYE SHADOW: In terms of color, you want to keep your eye shadow somewhat toned down. Golden and bronze shades are big and easy to wear. This fall, you'll see a lot of eye shadow palettes for sale - several colors in the same color family packaged together. This is a smart buy because you can create such a variety of looks with one item.

LIPSTICK: After eyes, you'll want to draw attention to your lips. The color of the moment - pink, pink, pink in any shade that works with your complexion. Look for classic cream lipsticks instead of summer's sheer, shiny glosses.

NAIL POLISH: Nails are the other place you can express yourself in color this fall. Think 1940s screen star. Invest in a deep red, lush brown, or rich metallic.

FOUNDATION: During the summer you could get by with a tinted moisturizer, but as fall rolls around skin should look more made up. Wearing foundation gives you that polished look. Look for a matte liquid, which will provide coverage but still allow your natural beauty to show through. Use liquid or cream from a compact, which ever you prefer. However, if you have oily skin, a thicker cream is your best bet.

SHIMMER HIGHLIGHTER: As mentioned above, trends are moving away from summer's dewy skin to a look with more coverage. However, your face will look flat if it's simply matte. Add dimension and a touch of youthfulness with a flesh-toned shimmer cream. Dab it on brow bones and other "high" points of the face with your fingers. It literally has no color so can be used on any skin tone. The glitter cream you might have used this summer will look too garish on pale, porcelain skin.

CREAM BLUSH: The pop of color that comes when you apply an opaque powder blush is a little too sporty right now. Instead, balance your powdery, covered skin with just a touch of color provided by cream blush.

Although trends are always changing, there are a handful of items that are always going to be good investments. They include:

  • Bronzer: Adds a warm glow to skin that makes you look healthy and fresh.
  • Nude Lipliner: One in the same shade as your natural lip tone will prolong the life of any lipstick you wear.
  • Sunscreen: Always necessary for a healthy-looking complexion year around.
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