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Faking the Connection Between Vaccinations and Autism

One of every 110 children born in America is affected with autism. For boys, the number is one in 70. The sad truth is we don't know why. Many a parent or loved one believed it was because of routine vaccinations. We've heard story after story about babies who were quite normal until after their shots for measles, mumps and rubella. Mainstream science has long contended there was no connection. And recently, an investigative journalist found that the data used in the first study suggesting a relationship between vaccinations and autism was fudged. Today we learned that Dr. Andrew Wakefield who authored that study back in 1998 may have had a financial motive for his claims. The doctor allegedly had a legal partner who planned to sue the vaccine makers and make a fortune. Autism is unfair enough. Adding fake science and profits seems doubly cruel.

Just a minute, I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.