Fake Valet: Car thieves pose as parking attendants in downtown Philadelphia

Philadelphia police say a car was stolen from a Philadelphia parking garage, seen above, by fake valets on Feb. 20, 2013.
CBS Philly
(CBS) PHILADELPHIA- You pull up to the parking garage in the big city, hand your keys to the attendant, and disappear - and lately, in Philadelphia, so might your car.

Police there are warning car owners about the risk after two vehicles were stolen by fake valets in the past week in Center City, CBS Philly reports.

Authorities say a female driver pulled into a parking garage on the afternoon of February 20 and left her keys in the car believing a man standing nearby was a parking attendant. When the victim walked away from her car, the suspect got in and stole it.

The second theft happened in the early evening on February 22 at a different garage.

According to investigators, a man posing as a parking attendant handed another woman an outdated ticket. When she questioned the fake attendant, he told her the garage had recently updated its system. She then left the area, and the "not-really-valet" stole her car.

It was not immediately known if the incidents are connected.