Faisal Shahzad, No One Seemed to Know Him

When a suspected terrorist is arrested, reporters turn to their neighbors and community to find out more.  But a day in Faisal Shahzad's Bridgeport, Conn. community indicates the man had few local connections.

Visits to local Islamic centers and many local businesses in Bridgeport revealed little about the man who has confessed to driving and explosives-laden SUV into the middle of Times Square.In fact, no one seemed to know him.

But the manager of the local Halal Meat and International Foods in Bridgeport, Mohammed Abid quickly recognized Shahzad's picture as a regular customer saying Shahzad came in about twice a month over three or four years to buy ground beef, chicken and chicken legs. But Abid had no idea that his faithful customer had been arrested for a potential terrorist attack until we told him. He said Shahzad always came alone and was "very nice and quiet". Abid did not know Faisal had a family in the United States.

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At a Bridgeport mosque, several worshippers told CBS News they'd heard through friends that Shahazad wasn't religious. No one we spoke with, including the Imam, remembered him ever coming to worship. The imam condemned the attacks and noted that anyone who was truly religious could not be pursuing this kind of violence.

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